Gifts that Focus on the Car!

This is one of those things that I wish my family remembered more. Sometimes the best gifts are the super practical ones. For Mother's Day, my family surprised me with a gift that proved they KNOW I basically live in my car, so it was the perfect way to pamper me! I will definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a good gift idea!

Deep Clean
My family went above and beyond, deep cleaning and detailing my car, inside and out. They pulled out all the trash and clutter, gave it a good vacuum, then took it to get washed and detailed. The car felt BRAND new by the time they were done! This was a huge help to me!

Car Wash Pass
While they were getting my car detailed, they bought me a 10 wash pass and a gift card for my next detail. It was so nice to have them thinking ahead, knowing that the car would inevitably clutter up, but that I could take care of it with no stress!

Add Ons
They rounded out the gift with a basket of little things that I love. Extra charging cables, new floor mats, and a little basket for my passenger seat to contain all the little clutter. They stocked a little box in the trunk with an umbrella, a few packs of wipes, and some really nice scent boosters!

It was the perfect gift to show they cared, and it really made me feel both loved and understood! Definitely a great gift for wives, husbands, dads and moms!